A Look Into Video Game Development

Rockstar Games
Rockstar Games

It is no secret that many video gamers have contracted a deep interest in it, resulting in some wanting to even enter the industry of development. If you are interested in the creation of videos, here are some areas that you may wish to explore.

My field of choice in video game development is easily the programming portion. For those of you who like to code or sit at your computer for long periods of time, the programming field will be sure to interest you. But it is not all glamor, though, it does require a very versatile and intelligent follower. You will find that you will be learning a multitude of programming languages, since new languages are continually coming out, and some consoles support different languages. Not only that, but some game engines have a whole learning curve of their own. So if you are one who enjoys the constant incoming of knowledge and challenges, you will enjoy this. The programmers in the video game industry enjoy one of the highest pay checks in the field, often being well paid even as an entry level coder. For those who decide to move into middle management, such as the role of Technical Director, you will find your pay check increased exponentially.

For those of you with a more artistic touch to your personality, you will find great enjoyment in this aspect of game development. You will yield an artistic touch and influence on whatever gaming project that you may be apart of. Creating the whole aroma, environment, style and cast to be held in the video game. This is a very important piece of game development, but sadly, it is also a highly competitive portion. Which means that you may not always have an easy time finding a job. Compared to Computer Programmers who have little competition, due to the difficulty of their work.

There are other portions of game development as well, involving a more financial task. There is need for writers, those with musical talent, and much more. I just chose my two favorite aspects of video game development to touch up on and describe in detail. I will be entering the industry as a computer scientist, into the AI programming field.

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