Bayonetta Impressions for Xbox 360


The Bayonetta demo has been released for the Xbox 360, by Capcom, and it finally offers the opportunity for a hands on impression of it.

Bayonetta has a weird storyline that even I do not fully understand, nor did I bother to attempt to understand it at first. So what I vaguely understand about the character is that you are a gun wielding witch who does magic with her hair. Apparently, your clothes are made up of your hair (from what I am told) and when you do magic at times, your clothes will disappear since you are using it for magic. Your character was in a deep sleep and awoken or something, and is trying to regain lost memories of some sort. I can be wrong, but this is what I get from the game. I know little about this video game in terms of storyline, but I am still an avid fan of it actually.

While I may not know about the storyline, that does not matter for this game to be honest. Capcom did an amazing job of creating a deep combo system. You are able to do a lot of combos on the fly while fighting your enemies, and these combos will mesh with each other very fluidly which only improves the overall impact of the game. There is a tutorial mode in which you can simply try out all of your combos and try to find new things, and during load screens you are able to do the same. The combo system is nothing short of amazing, while playing the demo, I was enjoying button mashing and doing some visually stunning things. At one moment, I was shooting every enemy around me in a flashy manner, and then I break into a more close quarters combat with my guns and then out of no where, my clothes disappear and I start grinding and a foot appears or something, it is pretty interesting.

If you are a fan of Ninja Gaiden or Devil May Cry, you will most likely be very interested in playing this game. There are some guys who will refuse to purchase a game with a female lead role, but I personally think it is worth it. Some guys say that “I will not purchase a game with a female lead, I’m a man, I can’t relate to them…”. Well, this is a game that is very entertaining in terms of action, if not for the interesting and fairly unique storyline. So for those of you who have not played Bayonetta yet, read these impressions then download the game immediately.

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