Video Game Industry Turning To RolePlaying Games

Fallout 3
Fallout 3

As the video game industry is aging and pushing out more and more new video games, it seems that the roleplaying genre is becoming more and more popular. Will video games end up taking a turn towards that genre more often?

As of right now, when people mention the genre of video games: RPG, the first thing that comes to many peoples mind is Japanese. The Japanese is known for its large role playing game market, and an amazing one at that. Many people purchase video game consoles that are not region locked for the sake of being able to import these awesome and time consuming games. But here in America, when that same word is uttered, many people will instantly think about Square Enix, Fall out 3, or the Final Fantasy series. There are not many good american made role playing games that are available in our market, which may be seeing a change soon.

The idea of this genre is very appealing to many video game developers, for the fact that it makes the game more time consuming and offers a semi-“custom” experience while playing. Custom as in you decide how to develop and strengthen your character, as opposed to having it be done for you in a cut scene of some sort. This self-development is a great feature that should be included in many games, because it increases the over all life span of the game, which is a great thing for fan reception.On top of that, many rpg video games will allow you to create a custom character, a luxury that is not often granted within a first person shooter or a linear/sand box game.

One of the greatest games, being Fallout 3 by Bethesda, was an rpg with a lot of customization and personal choices. At the start of the game, you create your character as a baby, and you will progress throughout the storyline that may affect the lives of others, or even the fate of an entire city. This game was epic and well received because of the many rpg elements that it included. Personally, I think as the video game generations come and pass, the video game industry will come to recognize the rpg genre as a potential gold mine, and will begin to drift into it.

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