Alien vs Predator Multiplayer Strategy

Alien vs Predator
Alien vs Predator

Rebellion Developments have finally released the Alien vs Predator multiplayer demo over the Xbox Live marketplace and people seem to be struggling to get the hang of this game. However, with the proper strategy, you can make any character you choose become a deadly force to be reckoned with.

The Predator in Alien vs. Predator has some of the best appeal to the new video gamers attracted to this game. The Predator has the ability to go invisible for quite a long time, until you are attacked or until you attack someone. This can be very useful when you are walking through a dark room, because you will be virtually undetectable. You also have the ability to do abnormally high jumps as well as sprint extremely fast. Your hand to hand combat is deadly because your heavy attack can come out quicker than any of the other characters in the game, it seems. You also have heat vision mode which will make humans be as clear as day to spot, but would render the aliens nearly invisible, which means you should not really make use of this.

Predator is not a character that you have to go rambo with. Meaning, you do not have to rush blindly into enemy fire or towards enemies. You can keep things stealthy and you can stay in the shadows and pick off enemies as the stray from the main path. This works well, EndGamer from the Free Xbox Live Video Game Blog agrees that being stealthy is one of the most effective ways to play. The Predator is quite good with hand to hand combat, so all you have to do is wait for a skirmish to end and then pick off the remaining survivors. Or you can actually successfully go into a scuffle between multiple characters and be able to take them all out, that is how good the Predator is with hand to hand combat. Just make sure that when you are fighting, you first hit them with a light attack, block their next attack, then step back and get your heavy attack ready then catch them with it. After that, the enemy is usually knocked down and you will be able to grab and or take advantage of them.

It seems that a lot of the Xbox Live community is blissfully unaware of the ability to block in Alien vs Predator, which often spells their death. As an Alien, you will find that you are able to rush into battle quite efficiently as well as stalk efficiently. As an alien, I personally recommend that you go for stealth kills as well, I find it to be the best method. You are able to walk on walls and ceilings, which players hardly check when entering a room which certainly makes your job that much easier. As an Alien, it takes longer to get your heavy attack out, I believe. However, you are very nimble and agile which means that you have the ability to quickly crawl up on an enemy and grab them from behind. Also, as an Alien, you should hop into skirmishes and simply spam your heavy attack and you will often one hit kill them since they are so damaged already.

The marine is more of a tactical player. You are at odds when you are playing as a marine because you have no real super powers to combat these characters, heh. As a human, you have a flash light and a heavy arsenal of destructive weapons at hand. Your flash light is more useful than it may lead on to be. With the light shining on a Predator, you can reveal their location when they are cloaked. With the Alien, well, the light on them just makes them clearer since they are pretty much pitch black in color. Also, you should seek to acquire new weapons, because there are some weapons that are able to one hit kill your enemies, which is certainly useful.

If you play like a smart video gamer and take up Alien vs Predator with a multiplayer strategy, you will see yourself completely dominating matches over Xbox Live easily.

3 thoughts on “Alien vs Predator Multiplayer Strategy

  1. any tips on how to stalk efficiently as an alien…because unless you are playing against total brain dead marines there motion tracker will always give you away and by the time you go up to them they already have turned around thus it is hard to stealth kill….maybe i am just doing something wrong but i just seems that when im a marine there is only one beep on the motion tracker behind me…just one i react to it instantly they stealth kill me but when i am an alien i cant even get like 5 feet behind them without them turning around and meleeing me to the ground so i cant even move and then boom full of bullets….any help would be appreciated?

  2. To Ryan,
    What I have done for a while was I just looked from a distance. (Say there by the wall)Just climb on the wall, but not right by them and sprint at them. Then stop right before you hit there back and press x. It isn’t the easiest thing to do but once you get the hang of it you’ll get really good. I’ve been doing that for the whole time I’ve been playing and im now a level 34. If you have any more questions just contact me on facebook. I’ll be under Seth Meeker. Just send me a message telling me your the person who i helped with AvP. And if you dont have a facebook just contact my email-

  3. sometimes i got fastruated due to alien’s climbing….its too confusing…anyway,i like predator more lol…..but there is a question….can anyone tell me how can i play the game on multiplayer?on the multiplayer menu,there are only ‘invite friend’ and ‘leaderboard’….i dunno how it work….can anyone of you help me?

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