God Eater Announced For North America

God Eater
God Eater

God Eater, a Monster Hunter-esque Namco Bandai action adventure game for the PSP, is making its way to North America. The company behind this arrival will be D3Publisher, which those of you huge gun/sword tooting fans may want to thank.

God Eater promises to hone more than 100 missions for owners of the game,with cooperative play available, whether it be by AI-controlled teammates or by local adhoc wireless multiplayer. The North American version of God Eater will have support for the PlayStation 3 adhocParty service, which will help you find other players who are too far to play with locally.

This video game is doing extremely well in Japan, currently holding the title as a bestseller, with over 1.5 million demos downloaded. It has sold over 295,000 titles, quenching the thirst of those Monster Hunter loving PlayStation Portable owners in Japan. This game has more of a stylish appeal to it, coming across as having a heavier anime influence on the art direction. However, besides that, it looks and plays much like the game it is obviously inspired by.  D3Publisher has God Eater slated for release in Q3 2010.

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