BioShock 2 Special Edition, Secret Messages on Posters

BioShock 2 Secret Message
BioShock 2 Secret Message

On the 2K forums, a poster who was messing around with a blacklight managed to find secret messages on his BioShock 2 posters that came with his special edition.

JRoch on the 2k forums said that he left his three Bioshock 2 posters on his wall, and while messing around with his friends and an old blacklight, he discovered secret messages on his poster. These are just like the ones you will see while playing the video game itself. It took quite some time to figure out this little easter egg and the millions of people who own and/or are interested in this video game had not the slightest clue, whether they owned it or not.

As proof of this claim of a secret message, another 2K forum poster posted images and a video which displayed the blacklighted text. To which 2K Elizabeth simply said “Well, would you look at that.”

This was a very well-played move by the BioShock 2 developers, a move that many of the fans are still excited and shocked at. The secret messages found on the special edition of this game had many fans claiming that their standards have been raised for other special edition games they may purchase in the future, and stating that 2k has pushed the bar once again.

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