Monster Hunter Tri North American Release Date announced, Free Online Play

Monster Hunter Tri by Capcom
Monster Hunter Tri

Nintendo and Capcom revealed new information about the Monster Hunter Tri North American edition, detailing its release date, providing exclusive demos and preorder incentives and making the online multiplayer free.

At the summit in San Francisco, Nintendo announced that Monster Hunter Tri will be released on April 20th of this year, and also that there will be no subscription fee required for online play in the North American version of the video game unlike the Japanese counterpart, which was a greatly contested announcement in Japan. Monster Hunter Tri will come with Wii Speak enabled on the online play for free, with purchasable items available in the Nintendo Store.

Capcom also announces that there will be a GameStop exclusive demo of the game to be made available on March 8th. Those who preorder their copy of Monster Hunter Tri, they will get a 500 Monster Hunter Tri Points Card, which you can use to purchase items in the Nintendo Wii or DSi shopping channels.

Monster Hunter Tri will either be available via a bundle with the new Nintendo Classic COntroller Pro for $59.99 or simply with the game alone for $10 less. This is a good deal, because the Classic ControllerĀ Pro costs about $20 on its own, so the bundle would save you $10 easily.

This is good news for those of you who are awaiting some of the epic monster killing action to be had in Monster Hunter Tri, be sure to preorder your copy soon.

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