Xbox Live On Demand Service, Not Enough Support?

Xbox Live On Demand Service for the Xbox 360
Xbox Live On Demand

The Xbox Live On Demand service is one that is considered quite necessary for Xbox 360 owners every where, whether they know it or not. Not only because it requires no dvd, but it also allows for you to have a safe grasp of your video games without fear of losing them.

First, lets bring up a couple of faults with the Xbox 360, although these may be faults that only exist with some of the older models. For one, the Xbox 360 has been known to crunch on the dvd’s that you place in the drive. Basically, over time, your Xbox 360 dvd’s will get deep scratches on it, to the point where it will become unplayable. Not only is this fact, but it has happened to two of my video games already. Another known fault to the community is how the Xbox 360 tends to lose functionality in the dvd drive. What good is a video game console that can not even play games?

So here is where the Xbox Live On Demand service gets its appeal. Your video games are not in jeopardy of being damaged, since it is completely digital. The only thing that may happen is a mishap, and Microsoft may screw up and lose your data, which has been said to happen before. But this is fairly rare, so you should understand that risks come with everything in life. Also, when your dvd drive fails, or if rather, you can still play the games that are downloaded to your hard drive. This can be a real life saver when half of your gaming library becomes useless. One may question why not just send the console in for repairs, the warranty does not last as long for dvd drive failure, which is a real turn off to many gamers.

However, even with this in mind, the Xbox Live On Demand service does not come to much of a rescue for the

Xbox Live Games On Demand Service
Games On Demand

“wounded” gamer. The service is lacking greatly in support by the major developers in the industry. There are about four good, or at least recent, video games available on the roster and that is far from enough.  The major titles such as Modern Warfare 2, Halo 3, Tekken 6 or even Gears of War 2 are all missing from the library of games available on this Xbox Live service.

This is a really disappointing fact, because I would completely make an entrance into the digital gaming era if it were not for that fact. The pro’s of digital distribution far out weigh the cons, at least when associated with the Xbox 360. Maybe I am biased, but my first current generation console was the Xbox 360, and many believe that it is very poorly made. My Xbox 360 is turning two years old and the dvd drive is severely damaged, although I literally do not move it what so ever. It is in a well cooled environment and it is not even that dusty.  I could care less about the dvd drive functionality if it were not for the fact that the Xbox Live On Demand service was so under supported.

If I have one request to make to the Video Game Industry, it would be to begin taking more interest in the digital distribution market, and begin releasing games on that service within a months of a video games release. It would make many happy.

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