Valve Hints At Upcoming Steam For Mac Announcement

Gordon Freeman of Half Life, iMac Colored
iMac Colored Gordon Freeman

Valve may finally begin supporting the Mac OS X. Recently, an update to Steam had files that hinted towards Mac support,but now the master minds behind Half-Life are finally beginning to have more straight forward hints about it.

Valve has released a series of images leading up to an upcoming announcement to be made, which gives some of the more recognizable video games in their arsenal an Apple paint over. Such as how Gordon Freeman of Half-Life was sporting an iMac colored HEV suit with an Apple logo that was partially covered by his crowbar. Team Fortress 2’s Heavy in iPod ad form, a pair of turrets from TF2 and Portal doing the “I’m a PC” commercial spin-off and Left 4 Dead’s Francis speaking of how he hates different.

All of this media being released seems to be leading towards the announcement of Steam being released for the Mac. Maybe Valve will add actual Mac OS X support for some of the Source engine games, says Kotaku. With the Mac being notorious for having little love or program support, this would be a welcome addition for gamers.

Valve has also been hinting towards something Portal related as well. Gabe Newell, the company founder, will be making an appearance at GDC next week, to accept the Game Developers Choice Awards “Pioneer Award” which may include an upcoming announcement.

Just recently, within a couple of hours, Valve sent another Steam for Mac image to Rock Paper Shotgun, a retro styled “Steam for the rest of us” ad as well MacWorld showing Alyx Vance, the Half-Life 2 co-star, referencing Apple’s “1984” commercial.

All of this promotion being done is in fairly good taste, and I am sure the gamers are loving every bit of it. Valve’s decision to bring Steam to the Mac is a great idea.

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