Another Microsoft Xbox 360 Falls Prey To Red Rings of Death

Red Rings of Death
Red Rings of Death

Yet another story of an Xbox 360 owner who feels betrayed by Microsoft after having their console die on them. My Xbox 360 was over two years old, a launch title system, that has now succumbed to the Red Rings of Death. A shame, really.

For a while now, my Xbox 360 has been having problems, particularly a system tray malfunction. When this happened, I lost the ability to play all of my Xbox 360 video games. Now, what use is a video game console that is not able to actually play video games? Here’s an answer, pretty useless. So I make an attempt to stay a fan of Microsoft and decide to make use of the Xbox Live On Demand service. Although the game library on that service is down right pathetic, only allowing for some of the old hits such as Lost Planet and Call of Duty 2 (wow, ground breaking).  So I purchased Lost Planet: Colonies and downloaded the Just cause 2 demo, I was able to make due with just those games alone even though I was a bit disappointed that I lost access to half of my gaming library. You may say, why not just hand it in? Probably because I do not feel that I Should pay in order to fix a problem that is not my fault.

So anyway, it turns out that apparently, my Xbox 360 was on its last stand. It turns out that while my brother was playing Lost Planet: Colonies, the Xbox 360 froze in the middle of the gaming session. So my bro literally lets it sit and see’s if it would resume where it left off for more than 10 minutes, and it would not. So apparently, when he tried to turn it off and on, the only response was the Red Rings of Death. Really disappointing while being of great use to me as well.

With just the disk tray failure, I would have to pay in order to send it in, because I am well passed my warranty. However, with the addition of the Red Rings of Death, it saves me money because my console is not 3 years old yet. But regardless, I will have to wait over a month in order to get my Xbox 360 sent back to me which is pretty annoying when its right around the release of Final Fantasy 13.  I feel that this is all Microsoft’s fault due to the fact that they wanted to rush out a console in order to avoid competition with the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii. So, Microsoft, was rushing out a console at the cost of quality.

Well, thats my rant for the day, I am officially suspicious of all Microsoft video game related products to come in the future and will most likely be going with the PlayStation 3, its sequels, and the PC from now on. RIP to my Xbox 360 that died of the Red Rings of Death disease.

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