Final Fantasy IX Coming To PlayStation Network

Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy IX by Square Enix

Square Enix has been teasing the release of Final Fantasy IX for the past couple of weeks, but Yoichi Wada now confirmed it via Twitter.

With Final Fantasy VII and VIII already available on the PlayStation Network, FFIX should not be considered very far behind. On Twitter, a Square Enix producer mentioned how the company is considering a release sometime soon. Shinji Hashimoto has been asking for opinions on FFIX over the past couple of days, and news has now arrived. He thanked everyone for the opinions on FF9 and that since it has received such a warm welcome, it would be proposed during the next board meeting.

Many people, including me, consider this Final Fantasy to be one of the best in the whole franchise. The cast of players was definitely enjoyable, and it actually had one of the first button mash sequences that I have ever played. The storyline was not bad, and I definitely remember staying up late at night playing as Zidane (I still do not know if the tail he had been fake or not).

You can see the video of Yoichi Wada confirming Final Fantasy IX for PSN.

The Conduit 2 Multiplayer Information

The Conduit 2 by High Voltage Software
The Conduit 2

Sega is offering a first look into Conduit 2, with new details as well as the possibility of having your face featured in game.

Conduit 2 is expected to build upon the original with the added Team Invasion Mode, a cooperative multiplayer option that can work both online and offline for up to four players. There is four player split screen action that is apparently able to be had, although I do not know if the experience will be weird to some of the common video gamers of today who are used to fullscreen play. The 12-player online multiplayer is still there, but with larger and well made environments that are both indoor and outdoor. To have your face be featured on an in-game poster, you will have to head to the official Conduit website.

Being one of the best first person shooters to be had on the Nintendo Wii, this is major news for all hardcore gamers that own the Wii. This game offers intense close quarters action that resembles the likes of Golden Eye 64, one of the best games of all time. High Voltage Software, the developers of The Conduit 2, and Sega have announced a fall release on the Wii.

The Conduit 2 Multiplayer by High Voltage Software
The Conduit 2 Multiplayer