Bulletstorm Xbox Live Demo Impressions

Bulletstorm Demo Impressions
Bulletstorm Gameplay

Bulletstorm is Epic Games’ latest creation which will be released in a little less than a month. In honor of the title, a demo was released onto the Xbox Live marketplace, left for the gamers to critique and devour. Unsurprisingly, ┬áBulletstorm is an amazingly capable first person shooter that manages to keep the overall style of Gears of War.

This game starts off in a beautiful, war torn, environment that flaunts the power of the Unreal Engine. The crisp high resolution textures and successful art direction should do enough to make your draw drop a mere minute into the game. After finishing the admiration, you are thrown into action with your two teammates following closely.

The action resembles that of Gears of War 2 on hardcore difficulty, with the exception of the boosted artificial intelligence. The enemies take quite a lot of bullets before actually kicking the bucket, which is sure to turn off a lot of the Call of Duty crowd. I personally believe the reason for this is because Epic Games does not really want you to spend that much time running and gunning, they prefer you to find creative ways to defeat your enemies.

Early on into the demo, you are faced with such an opportunity. There is a metal plating on the ceiling that is holding up a mass of debris. The game requests that you press the LB button, after which your grabbing mechanism is put in use and the enemies are buried alive. Not only do you get more points for defeating them creatively, but it is probably more rewarding to the player to do so.

While the game is excellently crafted, I feel that it is one of those experiences that will get old very quickly. The first time I kicked an enemy into the jagged environment and watched him hang there, it was fairly pleasing. Doing it for a second time though, I lacked a reaction. This is a game that provides entertainment solely through it’s interesting gameplay mechanics coupled with great level design. For that reason, this demo will most likely be good for a single play before you are left bored or wanting more.

The demo is fairly short, seemingly to offer a mere glimpse into the direction that Bulletstorm is headed. It is, however, sufficient enough to know what ot expect should you purchase the full game.

Bulletstorm is slated for release on February 22nd, 2011. It will ship with a beta access code to Gears of War 3, which is all the more reason to get it, even if you are not interested in the game itself.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Exclusive Multiplayer Map Pack

Call of Duty: Black Ops
Call of Duty: Black Ops

Activision is getting ready to release the First Strike pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops in just about two weeks. To build the hype and satisfy the thirst of some, Activision went ahead and created a video preview of everything you should expect of this upcoming $15 download-able content.


Dan Bunting, Treyarch Online Director, promises more sniping opportunitis and more “verticality” in these new multiplayer maps, titled Kowloon, Discovery, Berlin Wall, and Stadium. Some new features coming alone with these maps are the ability to use a zipline and destroy bridges, among other things.

Lucky for Xbox 360 gamers, Activision and Microsoft announced a new agreement at this past E3 that will make Call of Duty DLC timed Xbox exclusive until 2012. The PlayStation 3 and PC fan-base will have to wait a couple of months after the release. This is a no-doubt win for Microsoft, and will likely result in another cash cow and possible record breaker.

You can watch the Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer map pack video preview over at Joystiq.

Nintendo 3DS Black Cover for Mature Games

Black Banner Template for 3DS
Black Banner Template for 3DS

Nintendo, first seen using this method for differentiating game ratings with mature video games for the Wii (in Japan, anyway), will place a black banner, instead of a white one, for Nintendo 3DS games when applicable.

On the Wii, the black box art template was used for all games that were a teen rating or above. The first game seen with the black banner on the 3DS is Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell 3D.

Although this information may seem arbitrary to some of you gamers, this is actually a smart move by Nintendo. Many parents complain about their children uying adult games, and then going on to claim that they did not know, in spite of the large rating in the corner of the cases. Now, there is a large indicator of the rating level of a video game, all thanks to the upcoming black banner. This will make it easier to not only spot games for the hardcore gamers, but it will allow parents to monitor their children’s library much easier.

Source: Nintendo Also Packages “Mature” 3DS Games in Black Boxes Too [Silconera]