Video Game Industry Turning To RolePlaying Games

Fallout 3
Fallout 3

As the video game industry is aging and pushing out more and more new video games, it seems that the roleplaying genre is becoming more and more popular. Will video games end up taking a turn towards that genre more often?

As of right now, when people mention the genre of video games: RPG, the first thing that comes to many peoples mind is Japanese. The Japanese is known for its large role playing game market, and an amazing one at that. Many people purchase video game consoles that are not region locked for the sake of being able to import these awesome and time consuming games. But here in America, when that same word is uttered, many people will instantly think about Square Enix, Fall out 3, or the Final Fantasy series. There are not many good american made role playing games that are available in our market, which may be seeing a change soon.

The idea of this genre is very appealing to many video game developers, for the fact that it makes the game more time consuming and offers a semi-“custom” experience while playing. Custom as in you decide how to develop and strengthen your character, as opposed to having it be done for you in a cut scene of some sort. This self-development is a great feature that should be included in many games, because it increases the over all life span of the game, which is a great thing for fan reception.On top of that, many rpg video games will allow you to create a custom character, a luxury that is not often granted within a first person shooter or a linear/sand box game.

One of the greatest games, being Fallout 3 by Bethesda, was an rpg with a lot of customization and personal choices. At the start of the game, you create your character as a baby, and you will progress throughout the storyline that may affect the lives of others, or even the fate of an entire city. This game was epic and well received because of the many rpg elements that it included. Personally, I think as the video game generations come and pass, the video game industry will come to recognize the rpg genre as a potential gold mine, and will begin to drift into it.

A Look Into Video Game Development

Rockstar Games
Rockstar Games

It is no secret that many video gamers have contracted a deep interest in it, resulting in some wanting to even enter the industry of development. If you are interested in the creation of videos, here are some areas that you may wish to explore.

My field of choice in video game development is easily the programming portion. For those of you who like to code or sit at your computer for long periods of time, the programming field will be sure to interest you. But it is not all glamor, though, it does require a very versatile and intelligent follower. You will find that you will be learning a multitude of programming languages, since new languages are continually coming out, and some consoles support different languages. Not only that, but some game engines have a whole learning curve of their own. So if you are one who enjoys the constant incoming of knowledge and challenges, you will enjoy this. The programmers in the video game industry enjoy one of the highest pay checks in the field, often being well paid even as an entry level coder. For those who decide to move into middle management, such as the role of Technical Director, you will find your pay check increased exponentially.

For those of you with a more artistic touch to your personality, you will find great enjoyment in this aspect of game development. You will yield an artistic touch and influence on whatever gaming project that you may be apart of. Creating the whole aroma, environment, style and cast to be held in the video game. This is a very important piece of game development, but sadly, it is also a highly competitive portion. Which means that you may not always have an easy time finding a job. Compared to Computer Programmers who have little competition, due to the difficulty of their work.

There are other portions of game development as well, involving a more financial task. There is need for writers, those with musical talent, and much more. I just chose my two favorite aspects of video game development to touch up on and describe in detail. I will be entering the industry as a computer scientist, into the AI programming field.

Grand Theft Auto IV Best Video Game Ever Made

Grand Theft Auto 4

Grand Theft Auto IV was highly praised and well reviewed since its release into the video game industry, but does it deserve title of best video game ever made?

Grand Theft Auto IV is the latest addition to the GTA franchise, and it made an impact on the video game industry as a whole, definitely. It possibly has one of the best story lines that you will be able to find in a game currently on consoles. Parting from the “gangster” image that it once honed, and now taking the role as an immigrant who takes upon the task of revenge. You will find that this is a story of love, hate, betrayal and moral choices to be made by you, the player. A definite requirement for one of the best video games ever made is definitely a well thought out and planned story line, which Rockstar Games has definitely managed to display with GTAIV.

Another quality that one of the best games ever made would have to possess is great and current technology. Apparently, Rockstar took that a step further and made GTAIV hold some of the most advance technology made available to the video game industry. The animation in the game is superb and one of the most detailed displays of animation within a video game. You will find that when you are walking on unleveled your posture will adjust to the surface. For example, if you are walking on a sidewalk, one foot may be on the street and one other foot may be on the sidewalk. The graphics are pretty amazing as well, especially on high definition quality. Definitely no problems with that particular aspect of the game. The music… well, there is no background music, but there are radio stations that you can listen to that are definitely entertaining to listen to. Mainly comedic stations, and actually some real world music to listen to, such as Kanye West and Movado.

The gameplay is what definitely makes this game so ground breaking. Not only are the missions action packed and intense, but there are multiple ways to execute a mission. You can use whatever guns you want, whatever way you want to. If you want to blow up the place, then go ahead, if you want to snipe, you can, if you want to go in guns blazing, grab a shot gun or sub machine gun and go on. But the greatest entertainment that I am given by this video game is definitely by the vigilante missions. It can be so amazing and intense at times. When you are tasked with executing a gang that is having some activity in an area, you will find that they may be large in numbers, about a group of 8, and they are definitely packed with powerful weapons. The last vigilante mission I did with a gang task, I was being pressured by two of the members throwing the grenades at me simultaneously with a sniper in back picking at me and two people with assault machine guns keeping me at bay. To say the least, it looked amazing to see cars being exploded and being shot up into the air left and right, and the screen shaking so violently that you can not even aim properly.

This game is definitely one of the best games ever made, and on my list, the top game ever made. The graphical quality, the animation and the engaging game play is definitely one of the best creations made available in the video game industry.

Grand Theft Auto Sequels Not Intended To Be Annual

Grand Theft Auto IV

Take-Two Interactive does not consider Grand Theft Auto a series that is required to have annual sequels to the franchise.

As many of you know, franchises such as Call of Duty or Guitar Hero will often receive sequels every year. one franchise has multiple development teams to keep the releases annual, even. But does the quality of a video game suffer a bit when the releases are so frequent? When a Take-Two CEO was asked about the profits made in a non-GTA year, and they were quick to respond in saying that it is not the case, they can indeed be profitable with their other video game franchise possessions. But, they do not feel that GTA is a series that needs to be released annually.

Grand Theft Auto IV was released last year,  and two downloadable expansions were released that offered further story content. The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony were the titles of these downloadable add-ons, and they have had a fairly good fan reception. Not only that, but they have shipped GTA: Chinatown Wars for both the PSP and DS, and are selling a collection of the two downloadable episodes as Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City. So within the past year or two, we have seen quite a lot releases in the series, but none of these have really served as an official sequel.

There is a balance between the development times on an amazing game and meeting consumer expectations and the time needed to ensure that the experience leaves the consumer wanting more. Take-Two Interactive clearly has a good track record in that aspect, because GTA is possibly one of the most wanted games of all time.

The time taken and the improvements seen over time is a very huge selling point, to see the jump from a prior generation to a next generation appeal. Honestly, GTA does not need to have annual sequels at all, and I think that doing so would ruin part of the appeal of the series as a whole.

Mmorpg genre gaining popularity?

All Points Bulletin
All Points Bulletin

It is pretty obvious that the mmorpg genre as of now is fairly popular, but how popular is it getting? Just like multiplayer is starting to completely replace single player,  mmorpg fashioned games may completely replace multiplayer games.

It is an interesting thought, for those of you who are actually trying to imagine the future of gaming, because it is something that has the possibility of happening. From a development perspective, having a mmorpg reduces the amount of games you need to create. Simply because of the amount of management one requires. But not only that, you make more money simply because of the subscription fee’s or premium items being sold through the game, which, contrary to popular belief, far out does the server costs if your game does moderately well.

The world is becoming more connected in a video gaming sense. Before, when games did not feature online match making, it would be all about the single player aspect, maybe including an option for offline cooperative play. But now, with the technology as advanced as ever, we are able to connect from opposing sides of the world, with the purpose of playing a game together. So now we have advanced match making, yes, and we are able to connect and play with people from all over the world. But the manner in which this is presented is quite different. You have to enter rooms, within a multiplayer game, to be able to play with others across the world.

While playing a mmorpg, you simply have to run into someone while going through the world, to be able to find a partner with which you want to do something. It offers a way for you to become much more social, makes the video game experience much more interactive and spontaneous, and in many cases, it just offers more fun period. Like the game in the picture to the upper left, All Points Bulletin, or APB for short. A game with one of the developers of the Grand Theft Auto original on the team, they pretty much managed to create an intricate and complex online mmorpg of cops and robbers. The game is looking fantastic, and will most likely sell out and make way more money than if it included the simply 16 player online mode that GTA4 had. The more players a game is able to support, the better popularity it achieves.

So I personally believe that within the future, near future at that, with the power of the consoles increasing, video game developers will begin to look towards a more unified form of gaming. I am pretty sure that mmorpg games will become the new standard in the video game industry, simply because of the possibilities it presents, the money it makes, and the benefits it brings.