Big Announcement for 1 vs. 100 next week

1 vs. 100
1 vs. 100

Last night on 1 vs. 100, the host, Chris Cashmen, supposedly let some information leak accidentally. One source claims that he said that in a week the game will come out of beta, and players will finally be able to bring home prizes.

Last night, the selected “one”, who played against the 100 mob, decided to choose Money over the Mob at the end of the round. So he won the prize of 1200 Microsoft Points, or he would have if this wasn’t beta, which the host was quick to remind him. After saying that, he also said, according to the source, that prizes can not be won until next week when 1 vs. 100 is out of beta. Then tried to cover his tracks, then saying after that next week will be a “huge announcement” coming for 1 vs. 100. Then tried to change the topic.

the selected ‘one’ who played against the 100 mob made a decision to choose Money over the Mob at an end of round. In doing so he grabbed a prize of 1200 MS Points! – Well indeed he would have if the host had not have reminded us Live On Air that we are in Beta mode so prizes can not be won until next week! Having realised what he just said, the host mumbled his words and continued to speak at a faster pace – then announced again for us to watch out next week when a huge announcement is coming for 1 vs 100, before continuing to babble on about his lack of an original gamertag to move away from the subject!

However, a reader over at Kotaku who also says that they were present during the 1 vs. 100 game in the crowd, says that they heard no such thing. They did hear the “Stay tuned for the huge announcement next week”, but they did not hear that prizes would be able to be won next week. So one way or another, there will be an announcement, whether it’s the game coming out of beta or just a “huge announcement”. Believe what you want, should be exciting none-the-less.

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