How to Get Free Ultimate Game Card Codes

Ultimate Game Card
Ultimate Game Card

My friend is a big fan of MMO games and he has been asking me ‘How can I get free Ultimate Game Cards!?’. He was being sarcastic, but he didn’t realize that there is actually a way to get free codes. So I decided to brush the dust off of this old blog and let people in on the well known secret.

There are three ways to get free Ultimate Game Card codes. You can get one as a gift, win a contest or giveaway, or you can join a rewards website and earn one. The first two methods require luck and timing, but the third method is what most players use to get free codes.

To start, you need to join a rewards website. You can try out LitheRewards, they’re a new rewards website but they have a pretty strong following. A rewards website will give you ‘points’ for every offer you complete. An offer is a task that they give you. You might be asked to answer questions, register to a website, download a program, etc. Offers are usually simple and do not take more than 2 minutes of your time.

When you earn 1,000 points on LitheRewards, you can request an Ultimate Game Card. LitheRewards will then review your account, and, if you’ve been following the rules, ¬†they will send you the code in your email. It’s as simple as that.

Rewards websites work because companies will pay to get your opinion on their products and services. They pay the rewards website for every offer you complete, and the rewards website will reward you with gift cards. The codes you receive were all paid for and work just fine.

This isn’t a new method. Hundreds of thousands of people have been using rewards websites to get free gift cards for years. Some people have even earned over $10,000 in gift cards. There is no magic in this method, it’s simple and it’s been working for the past 5 years or so. I have personally received over $10,000 in rewards since joining websites like LitheRewards 5 years ago, and I’m still going strong.

However, I have to warn you not to fall for the old “Free Ultimate Game Card Generator” trick. There are people out there that create fake programs that promise you unlimited codes. Those are fake. There is no glitch or exploit that will give you unlimited codes at the click of a button, and if there was, it’d be illegal and you’d risk jail time. Always avoid generators when it comes to free codes because you will end up disappointed.

To be clear, I linked you to the homepage and I did not use a referral link. This post is only intended to let you guys know of a popular method that people use to earn free gift cards. If you have any questions about the process, leave a comment so I can help.

Mmorpg genre gaining popularity?

All Points Bulletin
All Points Bulletin

It is pretty obvious that the mmorpg genre as of now is fairly popular, but how popular is it getting? Just like multiplayer is starting to completely replace single player,  mmorpg fashioned games may completely replace multiplayer games.

It is an interesting thought, for those of you who are actually trying to imagine the future of gaming, because it is something that has the possibility of happening. From a development perspective, having a mmorpg reduces the amount of games you need to create. Simply because of the amount of management one requires. But not only that, you make more money simply because of the subscription fee’s or premium items being sold through the game, which, contrary to popular belief, far out does the server costs if your game does moderately well.

The world is becoming more connected in a video gaming sense. Before, when games did not feature online match making, it would be all about the single player aspect, maybe including an option for offline cooperative play. But now, with the technology as advanced as ever, we are able to connect from opposing sides of the world, with the purpose of playing a game together. So now we have advanced match making, yes, and we are able to connect and play with people from all over the world. But the manner in which this is presented is quite different. You have to enter rooms, within a multiplayer game, to be able to play with others across the world.

While playing a mmorpg, you simply have to run into someone while going through the world, to be able to find a partner with which you want to do something. It offers a way for you to become much more social, makes the video game experience much more interactive and spontaneous, and in many cases, it just offers more fun period. Like the game in the picture to the upper left, All Points Bulletin, or APB for short. A game with one of the developers of the Grand Theft Auto original on the team, they pretty much managed to create an intricate and complex online mmorpg of cops and robbers. The game is looking fantastic, and will most likely sell out and make way more money than if it included the simply 16 player online mode that GTA4 had. The more players a game is able to support, the better popularity it achieves.

So I personally believe that within the future, near future at that, with the power of the consoles increasing, video game developers will begin to look towards a more unified form of gaming. I am pretty sure that mmorpg games will become the new standard in the video game industry, simply because of the possibilities it presents, the money it makes, and the benefits it brings.

All Points Bulletin Detailed

All Points Bulletin
All Points Bulletin

For those of you who have been long time readers, it will be no surprise to you that I’m a big fan of All Points Bulletin. What’s not to like about it? It’s a game created by the man behind the Grand Theft Auto series. It has a great development team behind it, it will have a great release, I think.

APB is being hailed as the multiplayer Grand Theft Auto, and some even say that APB is how Grand Theft Auto 4 multiplayer should have originally been. Though the developers try to make a clear distinction between the two, you can see some similarities in gameplay, style and graphics.

APB will not be having a monthly paid service, though it will be making some use of a subscription based payment. Maybe yearly instead, but what ever it chooses, it will be a game to be remembered. 10,000 users per world, and 100 users per city. It will be an immense game of cops and robbers, while at time offering a moment for a deathmatch. People may say that it is bland, in that it is a deathmatch and cops and robbers game, but you should seriously expect more from the man behind the GTA series. With an extremely robust character customization system, as well as intense chases, physics, civilians and an intriguing level up system, you should not consider this anything close to bland.

Though not much has been revealed, what is confirmed is the sheer amount of fun and things you will be able to do. Enjoying a constant battle between criminals and cops, you can expect to see some interesting and cinematic moments in this game. Though it may not be as extremely indepth and well made as Grand Theft Auto 4, it will do what it was made to do extremely well. You most likely will not see any replicate people unless they’re modelled after a celebrity or well known figure. Just know, you should keep your eyes out for the release of APB when ever it is released, it’s one of the games I’m most enthusiastic about.

New Blizzard MMO To Be Different


Blizzard is going to expand it’s Mmo genre to include something more than just World of Warcraft. If you’re familiar with the video game industry, you may know that companies do not like to release games that will compete with other games in it’s own library, as well as they may not like to do something that’s too creative, as it may not be percieved by the public well. But Blizzard seems confident enough to want to create a new Mmo that will be refreshingly different from World of Warcraft.

Blizzard said that the new Mmo they make will be differentiated enough from World of Warcraft. You’ll feel like you will have to make a choice between the two. This is interesting news to say the least, wonder if they’ll be able to replicate their success two times over, and create another life sucking game like their cash cow World of Warcraft. I don’t think they can have, or maintain, two great Mmo’s to be honest. I think the new Mmo will have a different feel to it than WoW does. For the sake of targetting a different audience than what WoW does. That way, they current WoW players may not have to pick and choose, but the new mmo may actually be a success for the audience that they’re targetting.

It’s good news for those of you wanting something new out of the Mmorpg genre, to say the least. I look forward to seeing what Blizzard will bring to the table again.

Champions Online Open Beta Next Month

Champions Online Open beta
Champions Online Open beta

You mmorpg fans, you City of Heroes fans, and even you Comic Book fans need to keep your eyes peeled for next month. The new super hero mmorpg game, Champions Online, will be in the Open Beta phase starting next month. For those of you not savvy with that word, it means the game will be open for everyone to play, though there may be some bugs here or there. Open Beta’s are for testing the game further.

The Open beta will start on August 17th, and will go all day until it closes. For those who already in closed beta, your beta hours will be extended to last full weekends.

For those of you who don’t know about Champions Online, it is a game created by Cryptic. The creators of City of Heroes/Villains. Puts you in a comic book world where you get to create your own super hero and you get to fight crime. The game boasts extensive customization abilities so you’ll have the ability to create not only your own distinct super heroes, but you’ll probably be able to create existing heroes like Batman or SuperMan, maybe. You get to create your own Arch Enemy, that will trouble you throughout your crime fighting career. Your decision affects the community as a whole, citys will change, villains are defeated, and more.

It sounds like a pretty good game, those of you who liked City of Heroes and City of Villains will most likely want to give this game a go. Or if you’re looking for a new mmorpg or online game to play, you should try this out.