id Software’s Rage Lagging Behind On The Playstation 3

id Software's Rage
id Software's Rage

id Software’s shooter Rage is said to have been a bit lagging on the Sony Playstation 3, according to John Carmack. The Xbox 360 and PC versions of Rage are maintaining a steady 60 fps, while the Playstation 3 is hardly maintaining half of that. They say the Xbox 360 CPU makes it easier to split tasks, while the PS3 takes a bit more work, making it hard to get performance out of it. Was it a direct insult? No, it’s been what many developers on the Playstation 3 have been saying since launch, the PS3 is difficult to work on.

So many fans of Rage and Playstation 3 fanboys immediately started talking down on him, claiming their development team is lazy, claiming they aren’t as good as they used to be, and insulting him for talking down on their precious Playstation 3. This is one of the first times I’ve seen a developer get flamed so much for stating simple facts. It’s amazing what length fanboys go to, to defend their console, every system has a fault.

Their response was that they’re focused on providing the best experience equally for all consoles. They expect for each console version of Rage to run at 60 hertz. So while they are acknowledging that it is difficult to develop for the PS3, they are working actively to find a way around it’s faults. This is sure to turn off some developers from actually speaking the truth, heh.

Castle Crashers to be released on the Playstation 3

Castle Crashers Playstation 3
Castle Crashers Playstation 3

Yes, Castle Crashers, arguably one of the best games to be released on the Xbox Live Arcade, will eventually be released on the Playstation Network as well.

There are no specific details as to the release date, or if any exclusives will come with the Castle Crashers Playstation 3 release, but it’s future release is fact now. It will be a port and include the story and all the elements from the first game though, tweaked for the Playstation 3 console. As I’m sure it’ll include trophy support and all the fundamentals such as that.

The development team was keeping quiet on release dates, saying that they’re just working to get the game out as soon as possible. That’s good enough for me. If you don’t know what Castle Crashers is, then you must understand it is a great 2d side scrolling game made by The Behemoth. The makers of Alien Hominid. This game is an action/rpg sort of game with unlockables and different characters to choose from. It’s definitely one of the best games available for download and should be checked out if you own a Xbox 360. I personally loved this game, after I played the demo. It even has support for multiplayer. If you’re a fan of old beat-em-up type games or even modern 2d side scrolling action games, you really should check out Castle Crashers.

Get Free Playstation Network

Playstation Network
Playstation Network

Free Playstation Network is something that many Playstation 3 gamers should want. Playstation Network is already free, yeah, but I’m talking about free funds to your virtual wallet. With Digital Distribution becoming more and more popular, and with DLC for some of the top games coming out soon, you will need Free Playstation Network funds more often. So here’s a post on how you can get the PSN codes for free.

As I said, the Playstation Network is a free digital service already. But the Playstation Store isn’t, and you will need funds in your digital wallet to be able to purchase content such as DLC or arcade titles. To add funds to your wallet, you usually will either need to buy a Playstation Network card, or use your credit card. A lot of people don’t have credit cards and some people don’t have the money to purchase a PSN card. The Playstation Store updates weekly with new content like full games, demo’s, game add-ons and more. So for those of you who need a way of getting Free Playstation Network, read on.

First off, you need to sign up to the Rewards website LitheRewards. I suggest you make a new email account, a gmail one preferably. This is just to be organized, and the Playstation Network code will be sent to this email.

Then you have to do free surveys. Click “Offers” and then click “Offers” again in the drop down menu. Offers are what they label the Free Surveys as. Each survey you do gives you a certain amount of points. When you get enough points, you can get a Reward through the website. To get Free Playstation Network funds you’ll need to get 2000 points on the site, which can be done in 1 – 2 days.

After you’ve gotten the 2000 Points, you’ll be able to request an Amazon gift certificate which you will then use to get the Free Playstation Network card. It’s as simple as that. This is the best way, currently, to get Free Playstation Network funds. This isn’t a generator or anything like that, those steal your information. You don’t use any of your account information while doing this. This is the safest, and easiest way to get the Free Playstation Network funds. Not only that, but this is risk free too. Many people are already doing this. I know a couple of people who got their Playstation Network Cards recently, and just redeemed the code easily. So that’s it, have fun getting your Free Playstation Network!

Details on Sony’s New Motion Controller

Sony's Motion Controller
Sony's Motion Controller

There was a Developers conference in UK today, where Sony showed off more of the PS3 motion controller first shown at E3 this year.

This time around, Sony was focused on showing a lot more of what the controller can do, by showing it in practical situations as it would be used in Video Games. However, Sony didn’t allow filming during the event, and would only allow pictures to be taken during specified times. It sucks that videos couldn’t be taken, because this technology looks awesome. It interests me way more than the Wii or Project Natal.

The way the PS3 controller is used looks much more natural than Project Natal. As seen by the archery or sword fighting simulation. The controller consists of two wands, one has a purple light on top, the other has a red light on top. The Playstation 3 will track the movements of these two wands and translate it to ingame movement. That allows for true motion tracking. The controller is very responsive, and leaves little to no lag between movements, which is good. The wands would be able to be used as guns, swords, anything blunt in a game, fighting, using a wand in game, anything that the mind can imagine. It allows for a lot of possibilities. If used right, this will be a hit instead of something gimmicky like the six-axis.

The controller allows responsive movements, tracking of movement on all of the axises, and allows for “True 3d position”. This technology is available to developers right now, but it’s limited, so they have to make a “case”. It sounds like this is going to be quite an interesting tool to make use of. But from what I seen, gamers aren’t interested so much in this technology as a main. They like the idea of just using a normal controller, the added extra movement annoys some. Saying, if this technology can’t be used as a regular PS3 controller like the Wii-mote can, then I’m not interested. I personally don’t see it like that, but I think that developers that make use of this technology shouldn’t make the Motion Controller the sole way of controlling.

Sony promised to display “a lot more of the new controller” and give “several real-world examples of such techniques as used in recent and soon to be released PS3 and PSP titles from both Sony Computer Entertainment first party and external developers.” During the event, Sony did not allow the filming of the controller in action as the company stated it was “prototype hardware” — photography was allowed during designated times.

PSN’s Fallout 3 Downloadable Content Delayed

Fallout 3
Fallout 3

Those Playstation 3 Fallout 3 fans aching for some Downloadable Content will need to wait even longer then expected. How long must you wait, you ask? You may have to wait until late September to get to play the first Downloadable Content placed on the Playstation Network.

The first Downloadable Content will be Broken Steel, instead of Operation: Anchorage, due to the high demand from fans. Broken Steel will be slated for a late September release, or as the producer at Bethesda studios, Ashley Cheng, put’s it, they’re “hoping” for a late September release. So don’t be surprised if you hear another delay.

Broken Steel will be increasing the level cap to level 30 and adding an extra 4 – 5 hours of gameplay. After releasing Broken Steel, they’ll be releasing Operation: Anchorage and The Pitt soon after. They might release it at the same time, just to get them out to you as quickly as possible. Then after that, they’re gonna try and get Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta out to you as soon as possible. They’re trying to keep the wait time between the DLC releases minimal, and they have no real dates to announce about the DLC to be released after Broken Steel.

They explained, that the delay has happened because it takes extensive testing to make sure the DLC’s are ready for release. They need to test the DLC individually, test how it intereacts with the entire game, then they need to test how the DLC reacts with other DLC. It sounds complicated to say the least, so at least show some sympathy for them. As long as you’re getting these great releases, you should be happy. The Fallout 3 series is truly something any RPG fan play, if you haven’t heard of Fallout 3 or played it yet, I recommend you try it!