Alien vs Predator Multiplayer Strategy

Alien vs Predator
Alien vs Predator

Rebellion Developments have finally released the Alien vs Predator multiplayer demo over the Xbox Live marketplace and people seem to be struggling to get the hang of this game. However, with the proper strategy, you can make any character you choose become a deadly force to be reckoned with.

The Predator in Alien vs. Predator has some of the best appeal to the new video gamers attracted to this game. The Predator has the ability to go invisible for quite a long time, until you are attacked or until you attack someone. This can be very useful when you are walking through a dark room, because you will be virtually undetectable. You also have the ability to do abnormally high jumps as well as sprint extremely fast. Your hand to hand combat is deadly because your heavy attack can come out quicker than any of the other characters in the game, it seems. You also have heat vision mode which will make humans be as clear as day to spot, but would render the aliens nearly invisible, which means you should not really make use of this.

Predator is not a character that you have to go rambo with. Meaning, you do not have to rush blindly into enemy fire or towards enemies. You can keep things stealthy and you can stay in the shadows and pick off enemies as the stray from the main path. This works well, EndGamer from the Free Xbox Live Video Game Blog agrees that being stealthy is one of the most effective ways to play. The Predator is quite good with hand to hand combat, so all you have to do is wait for a skirmish to end and then pick off the remaining survivors. Or you can actually successfully go into a scuffle between multiple characters and be able to take them all out, that is how good the Predator is with hand to hand combat. Just make sure that when you are fighting, you first hit them with a light attack, block their next attack, then step back and get your heavy attack ready then catch them with it. After that, the enemy is usually knocked down and you will be able to grab and or take advantage of them.

It seems that a lot of the Xbox Live community is blissfully unaware of the ability to block in Alien vs Predator, which often spells their death. As an Alien, you will find that you are able to rush into battle quite efficiently as well as stalk efficiently. As an alien, I personally recommend that you go for stealth kills as well, I find it to be the best method. You are able to walk on walls and ceilings, which players hardly check when entering a room which certainly makes your job that much easier. As an Alien, it takes longer to get your heavy attack out, I believe. However, you are very nimble and agile which means that you have the ability to quickly crawl up on an enemy and grab them from behind. Also, as an Alien, you should hop into skirmishes and simply spam your heavy attack and you will often one hit kill them since they are so damaged already.

The marine is more of a tactical player. You are at odds when you are playing as a marine because you have no real super powers to combat these characters, heh. As a human, you have a flash light and a heavy arsenal of destructive weapons at hand. Your flash light is more useful than it may lead on to be. With the light shining on a Predator, you can reveal their location when they are cloaked. With the Alien, well, the light on them just makes them clearer since they are pretty much pitch black in color. Also, you should seek to acquire new weapons, because there are some weapons that are able to one hit kill your enemies, which is certainly useful.

If you play like a smart video gamer and take up Alien vs Predator with a multiplayer strategy, you will see yourself completely dominating matches over Xbox Live easily.

Xbox Live’s Impact in the Video Game Industry


Facebook Xbox 360

Xbox Live has always been hailed as the best online video game service to be made to the available video game consoles. It started off as a fairly stable and efficient online service, but now has evolved to being two steps ahead of its competition, and you may be wondering why and how far it has come.


The original Xbox started off late into the console war, not getting much hype and facing some strong adversities. It was a fairly new console with little support going for it. It was going up against the heavy weight PlayStation 2, which had many games and heavy support going on for it already. So the Xbox had a small graphical superiority over the competition, but that would not be enough to attract a strong crowd towards it. So what else could make it become a highly competitive opponent? A strong online service.

So apparently, with the release of the Xbox 360, a completely new Xbox Live service was created which was ages ahead of the competition. Though is requires a monthly fee for the Xbox Live gold membership, which allows you to play your multiplayer Xbox 360 games, it has more players and higher activity than that of the PlayStation Network. Often finding ways to innovate the video game industry by offering some of the best features including Facebook, Netflix, Contests, Games on Demand services and more.

So as of today, it has reached a pretty impressive mark considering the origins. So what more can Microsoft do to innovate the online service even further? People are considering that they will finally bridge the gap between the PC online gaming community and the console gaming community. Uniting the two gaming crowds would be a momentous achievement that would surely keep them ahead of the game for years to come. But that would require a large effort on their part most likely, such as finding dedicated servers that could support such a large count of people.

Xbox Live has managed to raise the importance of gaming together, opposed to the days of playing exclusively single player games. It changed the direction of the video game industry, making the developers have to focus on providing the best multiplayer services and connectivity available, ultimately causing a small revolution within the gaming community. It is actually annoying some of the gamers who choose to hold true to their roots, and still demand a robust single player game. Which is generally a problem because the big companies tend to focus on providing an innovative and engaging multiplayer experience, while sometimes even rushing the single player campaign.

It is pretty clear that Microsoft caused a change of wind in the video game industry with the release of the Xbox Live service, and it will hopefully continue to innovate.

Two New Batman Arkham Asylum Download Packs

Batman Arkham Asylum
Batman Arkham Asylum

Earlier this week, it was announced that Batman Arkham Asylum, on the Playstation 3, would be recieving some new downloadable content.

That was according to the game news ticket, actually. The two download pack titles will be Insane Night and Prey In The Darkness, each being released at different times. There isn’t any information on what these Batman Arkham Asylum download packs will have to offer, but the release dates are known and information is expected to be released soon.

Insane Night will be arriving to the Playstation Network, and possibly the Xbox Live and PC, on September 17th. Prey In The Darkness will arrive on September 24th.  These are supposedly free, but it isn’t exactly known if that is fact though. You should prepare for it just in case it isn’t. Keep your eyes open for the two new Batman Arkham Asylum download packs to be released.

Beta Test Upcoming Xbox Live System Update

Xbox 360
Xbox 360

Apparently it’s that time of the year again, where a select amount of users will be able to beta test, or “preview”, the upcoming Xbox Live system update. Thousands of users will be invited, after the survey is completed, to be apart of this Xbox Live update preview program.

Like the previous major Xbox Live System update, which introduced the New Xbox Experience, Microsoft is holding another Xbox Live System Update Program to test the next big system update to come to the Xbox 360. All you have to do is participate in a survye to be considered by the officials to be accepted as one of the testers. You’ll get to test the new update before it reaches the public, getting to see some interesting new features and make use of them first. You’ll need to head over to the Microsoft Connect website (link in the link below) and sign in with your Windows Live ID that’s connected to your gamertag. This is an opportunity open for both Silver users and Gold users, but Gold users will get priority over silver users. So if you’re a silver member, your chances of being accepted are slim. You’ll also need your Xbox 360 serial number to complete the survey, by the way, so this isn’t something to do unless you have your 360 handy.

This sounds almost exciting, I wonder what they’re gonna add in this major update? People are saying it’s just a couple of fixes and added features. Nothing as major as completely overhauling the dashboard as previously done. They say update, so it’s unlikely that anything ground breaking will happen, but some are hoping that they’ll bring the blades back.

[Major Nelson – Xbox Live Update Preview Program]

Fallout 3 Mothership Zeta Information

Fallout 3 Mothership Zeta
Fallout 3 Mothership Zeta

The next piece of downloadable content to become available for Bethesda’s, Fallout 3, is called Mothership Zeta. More information and screenshots have been released today, showing some of what this extensive DLC will have to offer.

For those of you who don’t know, the twist on Mothership Zeta is that it takes you out of the wasteland and shoves you into an Alien Space ship that orbits the earth. Quite an interesting concept, I think, as it’s pretty different than that of the past few DLC’s.

You’ll be faced with having to partner up with characters from the Wasteland and “Earth’s past” to escape. Not only that,  but you have access to alien technology such as a disintegrator, atomizer and drone cannon. The geek in me seems to be screaming out at the sight of an Alien Atomizer, hah. You’ll be able to use a space suit and samurai armor as protection. As Fallout 3’s last installment of Downloadable Content, it seems to be going for an experience greater than all of the previous DLC’s. Well, actually, it may not be the last installment, Pete Hines said you should never say never, but this was the planned last installment for the series. So though it isn’t an impossibility to expect another release, it isn’t something you should hope for immediately.

Fallout 3 Mothership Zeta will be going on Xbox Live for  800 Microsoft Points on August 3rd. All Fallout 3 owners/fans/soon-to-be fans, keep your eyes out for this one. It’s sure to impress.