How to Get Free Ultimate Game Card Codes

Ultimate Game Card
Ultimate Game Card

My friend is a big fan of MMO games and he has been asking me ‘How can I get free Ultimate Game Cards!?’. He was being sarcastic, but he didn’t realize that there is actually a way to get free codes. So I decided to brush the dust off of this old blog and let people in on the well known secret.

There are three ways to get free Ultimate Game Card codes. You can get one as a gift, win a contest or giveaway, or you can join a rewards website and earn one. The first two methods require luck and timing, but the third method is what most players use to get free codes.

To start, you need to join a rewards website. You can try out LitheRewards, they’re a new rewards website but they have a pretty strong following. A rewards website will give you ‘points’ for every offer you complete. An offer is a task that they give you. You might be asked to answer questions, register to a website, download a program, etc. Offers are usually simple and do not take more than 2 minutes of your time.

When you earn 1,000 points on LitheRewards, you can request an Ultimate Game Card. LitheRewards will then review your account, and, if you’ve been following the rules, ¬†they will send you the code in your email. It’s as simple as that.

Rewards websites work because companies will pay to get your opinion on their products and services. They pay the rewards website for every offer you complete, and the rewards website will reward you with gift cards. The codes you receive were all paid for and work just fine.

This isn’t a new method. Hundreds of thousands of people have been using rewards websites to get free gift cards for years. Some people have even earned over $10,000 in gift cards. There is no magic in this method, it’s simple and it’s been working for the past 5 years or so. I have personally received over $10,000 in rewards since joining websites like LitheRewards 5 years ago, and I’m still going strong.

However, I have to warn you not to fall for the old “Free Ultimate Game Card Generator” trick. There are people out there that create fake programs that promise you unlimited codes. Those are fake. There is no glitch or exploit that will give you unlimited codes at the click of a button, and if there was, it’d be illegal and you’d risk jail time. Always avoid generators when it comes to free codes because you will end up disappointed.

To be clear, I linked you to the homepage and I did not use a referral link. This post is only intended to let you guys know of a popular method that people use to earn free gift cards. If you have any questions about the process, leave a comment so I can help.