Final Fantasy XIII Perfume Announced

Final Fantasy XIII Perfume
Final Fantasy XIII Perfume
Square Enix has announced that a perfume will be released to specifically provide a fragrance that serves as a homage to Final Fantasy XIII, which will be available one month after the North American release of the game.

The different perfumes are said to be named after multiple characters within the video game. One of the confirmed fragrances is the 50 ml “Lightening” bottle, named after the main character of the same name, which will go for about $83 in the US. It has been confirmed to have hints of yellow peach, citrus, and other fruity and delightful smells to go along with it. This particular bottle will be ready by April.

People are saying that this is a bit much, and that Square Enix is milking the Final Fantasy series a bit too much now. They have recently announced that they will be coming out with their own line of drinks as well. It would really be something if this highly anticipated game turns out to be a standard rpg game without any stand out features. I wish the best for Final Fantasy XIII, and hopefully, the new perfume coming out will be as good as the game is.

Tekken 6 Free Downloadable Content Planned


Tekken 6 Image
Tekken 6

The producer of Tekken 6 told Playstation Europe that his team is planning the creation of additional DLC for this new fighting video game. What ever it is that they are planning, which sounds like it will be more than just a new outfit, it will be free.


When the Namco Bandai producer, Katsuhiro Harada, was asked if there are any plans for further downloadable content, and he responded in saying that there is a strong possibility that there will. If there is in fact one planned, he said that it would be free to the players as well.

This is pretty good news, because it makes it known that this is not just a quick patchup or fix. This seems to be truly added on content that you will be able to download for use. This is a good idea considering the issues the game had at first. Tekken 6 had online lag issues at first, that warranted the release of a patch to fix the networking issues. So I am pretty sure that they feel compelled to release any downloadable content that they would create for free, sort of in good faith as a response to their initial mess up.

The only issue I can see with making it free is that it would not be exclusive anymore. There are actually people out there that enjoy paying for their content, because it makes them stick out while playing online and it makes them exclusive in a way. Well, what ever the case is, if they do release new content for the game, it is good to know that we, the gamers, will be able to download it for free.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Styled PSP in Japan

Kingdom Hearts PSP-3000
Kingdom Hearts PSP-3000
In Japan, Sony has announced the release of an upcoming custom PSP. A silver PSP-3000 styled to respresent Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.

This custom PlayStation Portable will be going on sale January 9th, 2010, and will also include Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep along with it. It will be going at a price of ¥22,000 in Japan, which equates to about $245 over here in America. But for those of you who are hoping for Sony to bring this bundle over here to America, sorry but it is highly unlikely for that to happen. Simply because the release date is not even announced for this region yet, and because Japan seems to keep its custom consoles to itself.

This is certainly great news for our fans across the world who are fans of this insanely popular franchise, behind the mastermind Tetsuya Nomura. For those of you unfamiliar with the franchise, it is a game of an interesting story line in which you combat the forces of darkness which tends to make use of the evil heartless. This time around, you get to take the role of a variety of different characters as you take a look into the past to find out about the big keyblade war. More importantly, this game can be seen as one of the first more sophisticated, or at least ambitious, games to enter the Kingdom Hearts franchise since Kingdom Hearts 2. So this Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep PSP bundle pack is a great incentive for users both old and new to get into the franchise.

Nintendo Possibly Planning Robust Multiplayer Service

Nintendo Wii

Speculation seems to point in the direction of Nintendo coming out with a robust multiplayer service for the next console generation. As of now, the Nintendo Wii’s weakest point is its lacking multiplayer aspect. Sure it provides the bare minimum required, but besides for that, it is laughable to say the least.

It seems as if they are not even concerned with the online service in the slightest as of now, with reason. The Wii was made to target new gamers and old gamers alike. Online gaming is more of a modern video gaming aspect, while it seems that the Wii is more family oriented, which would mean offline multiplayer and single player enjoyment. It is quite obvious that this approach to sales have been a success, because the console is currently first place in the console war, though it is last place in terms of console activity.

You have to take a look at the accomplishments first before you begin to consider the failing points, to understand why such an approach was taken. The Motion Controller was announced for the Wii, and has quickly become one of its major selling points. It revolutionized the gaming industry, by showing how profitable such motion control technology can be, and possibly even changed the direction of focus to be taken for the next video game console generation to take. More focus is being given on innovation and exclusive features, opposed to which console has more raw power and prettier games.  So when you consider the direction that Nintendo has been taking this whole time, it is understandable why the multiplayer service has been so lacking. Why compete with the Xbox Live and Playstation Network, which would take an amazing amount of time and money, when you can introduce a new concept to the video game industry and profit immensely off of it?

So now that they have successfully changed the direction and focus of the video game industry, one of the only things left for them to do is dominate the multiplayer aspects of a console. I am guessing that they will most likely incorporate a ground breaking or position shifting feature within their online service that will completely baffle the competition and most likely attract a greater crowd than ever before. As of now, they currently make use of a sloppy friend code system, which has received quite a lot of ridicule for being inconvenient and what not. It also has no protection against cheating that I know of, because I have used hacks on many Nintendo DS games while playing online, and had no problems what so ever. But I envision a future gaming console by Nintendo that will completely shift the focus in terms of an online service, some how connecting us to each other in a way not thought of before.

It is not as if Nintendo has much of a choice. Many gamers were weary about purchasing a Wii for the sole reason that it has a lacking multiplayer service. Many of the games today have a selling point that has to do with their multiplayer, especially the AAA top selling games. Nintendo has been lacking with support by third party companies because of the poor graphical capabilities, poor processing and poor online capabilities. So if Nintendo does not get their act together and fix these problems, they will alienate their old fan base composed of mainly hardcore and modern gamers. They will only be able to keep their inactive new and older gamers.

This all leads to Nintendo planning a robust and innovative multiplayer service that will take the video game industry by surprise in the upcoming console wars.

Xbox Live’s Impact in the Video Game Industry


Facebook Xbox 360

Xbox Live has always been hailed as the best online video game service to be made to the available video game consoles. It started off as a fairly stable and efficient online service, but now has evolved to being two steps ahead of its competition, and you may be wondering why and how far it has come.


The original Xbox started off late into the console war, not getting much hype and facing some strong adversities. It was a fairly new console with little support going for it. It was going up against the heavy weight PlayStation 2, which had many games and heavy support going on for it already. So the Xbox had a small graphical superiority over the competition, but that would not be enough to attract a strong crowd towards it. So what else could make it become a highly competitive opponent? A strong online service.

So apparently, with the release of the Xbox 360, a completely new Xbox Live service was created which was ages ahead of the competition. Though is requires a monthly fee for the Xbox Live gold membership, which allows you to play your multiplayer Xbox 360 games, it has more players and higher activity than that of the PlayStation Network. Often finding ways to innovate the video game industry by offering some of the best features including Facebook, Netflix, Contests, Games on Demand services and more.

So as of today, it has reached a pretty impressive mark considering the origins. So what more can Microsoft do to innovate the online service even further? People are considering that they will finally bridge the gap between the PC online gaming community and the console gaming community. Uniting the two gaming crowds would be a momentous achievement that would surely keep them ahead of the game for years to come. But that would require a large effort on their part most likely, such as finding dedicated servers that could support such a large count of people.

Xbox Live has managed to raise the importance of gaming together, opposed to the days of playing exclusively single player games. It changed the direction of the video game industry, making the developers have to focus on providing the best multiplayer services and connectivity available, ultimately causing a small revolution within the gaming community. It is actually annoying some of the gamers who choose to hold true to their roots, and still demand a robust single player game. Which is generally a problem because the big companies tend to focus on providing an innovative and engaging multiplayer experience, while sometimes even rushing the single player campaign.

It is pretty clear that Microsoft caused a change of wind in the video game industry with the release of the Xbox Live service, and it will hopefully continue to innovate.